Georgia DOT Exam Locations

Georgia DOT Exam Locations

Georgia is home to the nation's largest freight carrier, United Parcel Services (UPS).  UPS employs over 120,000 drivers across the nation with an estimated 186,000 annual medical exams performed and nearly half a million random drug screens.  UPS has as many drivers as the next 10 largest carriers in the US...combined.  Georgia ranks 10th in the number of large truck accidents with 4,726 reported in 2014.  Boasting the nation's busiest airport, Hartsfield International, creates huge regional and local trucking demand to get goods from the airport to points beyond.

Georgia Walk-In Clinics Facts and Stats

  • 66
    Retail clinics in Georgia
  • 360
    Primary care clinics in Georgia
  • 129
    Urgent care clinics in Georgia
  • 52
    Chiropractic clinics in Georgia
  • 49
    Occupational medicine clinics in Georgia
  • 13
    Worksite clinics in Georgia

* Stats are based on the data within the DOT Exam Locations database, and do not reference outside sources.

Georgia Cities with DOT and CDL Exam Centers and Walk-in Clinics