Welcome to DOTEXAMlocations.com, the most complete directory of CERTIFIED DOT and CDL Exam Locations in the United States providing users the ability to find a DOT and CDL Examiner convenient to them anywhere in the country and then provide ratings and reviews based their patient experiences.


Our mission is simple: facilitate the most efficient and effective way for those in need of a DOT and CDL Medical Exam or any related services to locate a CERTIFIED examiner that fits their needs while providing them with quality and unbiased feedback on prices, service and overall value thereof.

Company Info

DOTEXAMlocations.com is a privately held company founded in 2015 by Tony Barber who has also founded Urgent Care Advisors (a leading consulting organization focused on urgent care) and eVirtualHealth (a leading virtual medicine deployment and consulting service).

DOTEXAMlocations operates a diversified business model that is supported by both advertisers and DOT and CDL Examiners seeking to promote their centers online.

We are currently in Beta which means that, while we have done our best to provide a complete and bulletproof user experience, we are still working out the kinks and improving things overall. See something that needs some tweaking or have an idea on making things better? Let us know!

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