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Minute Clinic

About Minute Clinic

Minute Clinic is a subsidiary of CVS Pharmacy and has more

locations in the United States.  Their sites are staffed with Nurse

Practitioners or Physician Assistants and they are located directly

inside of their CVS Pharmacy sites. 

As a retail clinic, MinuteClinic is generally staffed by a nurse practitioner and provides routine medical care including the treatment of allergies, asthma, mild burns, cold and flu symptoms, ear and sinus infections, insect and animal bites, stomach viruses, mild skin rashes and some other non-life threatening injuries, illnesses and conditions. Many retail clinics are also equipped to treat chronic conditions and diseases.

Healthcare Clinic Locations
  • 105 Uwchlan Avenue, Exton, PA, 19341

    Minute Clinic | Retail Clinic
    Amy T. Posted on September 26, 2019 | Visited this location September 24, 2019
    Wait Time

    Will never go back

    On 9/24/2019 I attempted to visit my local minute clinic in Lionville. As I entered the store I saw the nurse closing the room to see a patient. I got checked in at almost exactly 6:30. That is 1 hour before their closing time. I know this was the time because right after I got checked in I called my husband and the call log has that call as outgoing at 6:34 pm. So I wait. The screen says 24 minutes until I should be seen so I sit and I wait. As I wait I am watching the screen and it had been saying Dim, J in-Service. About 20 minutes later Dim, J gets switched with the next patient who is before me who was BAS, J. About another 5 or so minutes later around 6:50-6:55 the nurse, Donna Schaffer, comes out and says she probably won’t be able to get to me tonight because the patient is taking longer than she thought it would. Personally I thought that was ridiculous. I had gotten checked in and had been waiting about a half hour and now I’m being told I can’t be seen. If this nurse had said something sooner I would have been able to still make an appointment with my primary care doctor but because she didn’t that was not an option and I was in a lot of pain due to the sinus infection I later was able to be diagnosed with. So I could not drive myself anywhere. So I continued to wait thinking surely if this patient is finished before their closing time I will be seen. So I wait another 25 minutes. 7:15 this patient is done and I think “finally I can be seen and get these antibiotics that I need” but no. This nurse closed on me. Refused to see me. Flat out lied to me and told me I wasn’t checked in until 7. That made me mad because she had come out a little before 7 saying she couldn’t see me. But I feel it is a horrific business practice to let someone get checked in and wait more than 30 minutes and then be told they have to go elsewhere or come back another day. That is just plain disrespectful of a clients time. I will never go back to a minute clinic after this. I will never bring my family to one either. They have lost what used to be a loyal customer. And on a last note, as a prior patient I know it takes about 15-20 or so minutes to fill out a patients chart. The fact that it started as the one patients name and then flipped to the other patients name leads me to believe the reason it took this nurse 50 minutes with that first patient was because she was so inept that she was filling out the wrong chart and didn’t discover her mistake until the patient had to sign their name. All in all horrendous experience, terrible customer service, a flippant lack of caring for a sick patient, and a just plain rude nurse who doesn’t appear capable of doing her job accurately or efficiently. I dearly hope MC will look into the reason behind that oddly long visit and the patient screen flip because something was clearly wrong their. And I also hope for future clients sake that MC changes their policy so that any patient who has been checked in before their cut off time is able to be seen and not shunned and pushed out the door as I was.