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  • Ensure Accuracy

    Our database is drawn from the database of Certified DOT and CDL Medical Examiners, thus it represents a complete list of examiners, however since there is no comparable directory like this and since other data has been accumulated from other research methods, there may be minor discrepancies. In our effort to have your profile be as accurate as possible, we encourage you to take control of it and make sure that all of the relevant information is correct.

  • Enhance Listings

    In a cluttered marketplace and given the mobile nature of the patients that access the data on this site, it is important to set yourself apart from your competition. Make your profile more personalized by adding your logo, photos of your location(s), information about your services, providers and highlight how, where and when you are available for services. Focus on creating a custom description that emulates your approach to providing professional drivers with valuable services.

  • Increase Awareness

    There are just over 40,000 certified DOT and CDL medical examiners in the United States and the DOT and CDL medical exams alone provide in excess of $500 million in potential revenue, not including other services that come with servicing this particular population of patients. This site is the ONLY site of its type on the internet and can afford you and your business with valuable access to this patient population and an outstanding opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest. Promote your enhanced clinic profile in search results and on city and state detail pages to drive more traffic to your front door.