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    Amber B. Posted on December 07, 2018 | Visited this location October 24, 2018
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    Fraudulent charges, Extremely inconsistent billing

    Somehow, despite the fact that my co-worker and I have identical insurance plans and went to this exact facility for the exact same reason and received the exact same care, my bill is more than double what my co-worker's is. On top of this, American Family Care has added additional out of pocket charges after the co-pay that they NEVER brought to our attention before the matter so that we could decline services rather than risk insurance not covering a treatment. When asked about this, American Family Care can't give us a clear answer or reason as to why we are being charged for anything other than the co-pay when we had not been informed of any sort of risk of any of the treatments we were given not being covered by insurance. They also can't/won't give us a breakdown of the costs to explain exactly why they are trying to charge my coworker an additional $70 on top of her copay and me an additional $113 on top of my copay. And again, there is no explanation for why my bill is double my coworker's despite having received identical treatment from the exact same doctor for the exact same illness only a few days apart.
    To add to it, their excuse to us at the end of the call was "Well, insurance payments haven't cleared yet! Your bills are relatively new, so some insurance payments may still be pending." THAT makes absolutely no sense either, as I have never heard of a facility sending an inaccurate bill to a patient while insurance payments are still pending and have not cleared. That, to me, screams FRAUD as this would result in American Family Care collecting double payments from both the insurance company and the patient.
    I have been to plenty of Urgent Care clinics before, but I have never in my life been to one that lodged additional charges outside of the co-pay against the patient without having warned them before hand of the possibility of insurance not covering whatever treatment they were recommending. We only went to this facility due to the close proximity to our workplace. Save your money and go somewhere else.
    And before whoever runs the Social Media aspect of American Family Care comments and tells me to call, I already have. If I do not receive a $0 bill by December 18th, 2018 (2 weeks, and 1 day after my initial call) I will be contacting my insurance to lodge an investigation against this facility. Reading through the comments, I am seeing that I and my coworker are not the only ones who have been unknowingly charged additional fees after our co-pays and were not informed of any potential risk of insurance not covering a particular treatment or medication administered on location. Providers are required to inform you if there is a possibility that insurance may deny coverage as you have the right to deny treatment if this is the case. Additionally, any treatment that is not covered by the initial co-pay is supposed to be brought to your attention as this can also garner additional charges that the patient is not expecting.