Rhode Island DOT Exam Locations

Rhode Island DOT Exam Locations

Rhode Island, measuring only about 48 miles long and 37 miles wide, is the smallestof the U.S. states. Despite its small area, Rhode Island, known as the “Ocean State,” boasts over 400 miles of coastline. Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams in 1636, who had been banished fromthe Massachusetts colony for hisadvocacy ofreligious tolerance and the separation of church and state.

Rhode Island Walk-In Clinics Facts and Stats

  • 3
    Retail clinics in Rhode Island
  • 48
    Primary care clinics in Rhode Island
  • 14
    Urgent care clinics in Rhode Island
  • 4
    Chiropractic clinics in Rhode Island
  • 5
    Occupational medicine clinics in Rhode Island
  • 1
    Worksite clinics in Rhode Island

* Stats are based on the data within the DOT Exam Locations database, and do not reference outside sources.

Rhode Island Cities with DOT and CDL Exam Centers and Walk-in Clinics