Iowa DOT Exam Locations

Iowa DOT Exam Locations

Ridiculous state law:  Anyone trying to pass off margarine (or oleo or oleomargarine) as real butter is guilty of a misdemeanor. The great butter vs. margarine battle rages on though, so we understand Iowa's desire for transparency.

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Iowa Walk-In Clinics Facts and Stats

  • 1
    Retail clinics in Iowa
  • 313
    Primary care clinics in Iowa
  • 13
    Urgent care clinics in Iowa
  • 124
    Chiropractic clinics in Iowa
  • 27
    Occupational medicine clinics in Iowa
  • 0
    Worksite clinics in Iowa

* Stats are based on the data within the DOT Exam Locations database, and do not reference outside sources.

Iowa Cities with DOT and CDL Exam Centers and Walk-in Clinics