Hawaii DOT Exam Locations

Hawaii DOT Exam Locations

Being a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, one would think that Hawaii trucking business would be tiny and, compared to the lower 48 states, it is but still very important to the state's economy.  Freight delivered to Hawaii is distributed using a combination of air, boat and truck, all of which are critical to the state's economy.  Pineapples are Hawaii's most valuable export and trucking gets it from the field to the ports.  Fish, sugar cane, coffee and vegetables are also critical to the state's trade and trucking makes it all happen.

Hawaii Walk-In Clinics Facts and Stats

  • 5
    Retail clinics in Hawaii
  • 59
    Primary care clinics in Hawaii
  • 11
    Urgent care clinics in Hawaii
  • 1
    Chiropractic clinics in Hawaii
  • 3
    Occupational medicine clinics in Hawaii
  • 4
    Worksite clinics in Hawaii

* Stats are based on the data within the DOT Exam Locations database, and do not reference outside sources.

Hawaii Cities with DOT and CDL Exam Centers and Walk-in Clinics