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    Liz M. Posted on December 18, 2015 | Visited this location December 16, 2015
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    Doctor was rude, condescending, and abrasive

    On 12/16/2015, my 6-year-old child woke up with a pink eye. He has a pediatrician in Fort Worth, but because pink eyes are usually straightforward, I took him to a CareNow to receive prompt care in the area in which we live (Richardson). I visited the 14856 Preston Rd #100 location in Dallas, TX and was greeted by courteous staff members every step of the way until we encountered the doctor, Wanwisa Trombley. Within seconds of walking in, she asked if I was the child’s mother. I said “Yes.” And she commented “Wow, you both look like you’re five years old.” I was completely taken aback by her comment, all I did was mutter a “Wow” and I laughed in disbelief. I found it offensive, uncalled for, unnecessary, and made me feel just really bad. I don’t know anyone who would appreciate such a comment about their appearance which undermines their status as a respectable adult or parent. There really is no good way to take that comment, and I felt immediately uncomfortable about her, the office, and the entire visit which is unfortunate since I was only there seeking medical attention for my child. I know I did not provoke this comment because I am extremely mindful of respecting those around me. I’ve asked friends and family for their opinion and they all agree it was unacceptable and wrong. I will not be going back to this office and I will advise those connected to me of the incident and I hope some attention is called to this kind of abrasive behavior of treating patients badly for no reason.