Alabama DOT Exam Locations

Alabama DOT Exam Locations

There are just over 66,000 heavy truck/trailers registered in Alabama according to the Federal Department of Transportation placing it 33rd of the 50 states. Even so, Alabama is 14th in the nation in total ton/miles transported through the state according to the US Department of Transportation.  Like all states in the southeast, Alabama is a significant link for transportation both north/south and east/west.  There were 3,730 accidents involving heavy trucks in Alabama, but given the amount of truck traffic through the state and the ton/miles reported, the number of accidents is below the national average.

Alabama Walk-In Clinics Facts and Stats

  • 0
    Retail clinics in Alabama
  • 243
    Primary care clinics in Alabama
  • 94
    Urgent care clinics in Alabama
  • 45
    Chiropractic clinics in Alabama
  • 30
    Occupational medicine clinics in Alabama
  • 6
    Worksite clinics in Alabama

* Stats are based on the data within the DOT Exam Locations database, and do not reference outside sources.

Alabama Cities with DOT and CDL Exam Centers and Walk-in Clinics