DOT Exam Locations Launches

August 10, 2015

We have launched and are now ready to start serving those in search of certified DOT medical examiners.  This site is the first of its kind and will continuously evolve as more and more tools are added.  Right now, patients can all of this absolutely FREE: 

  • Locate the nearest certified DOT exam location
  • Provide feedback on the experience
  • Draw upon the feedback of others in making your decisions
  • Report the fees you paid for your exam
  • Research fees charged by providers for DOT exams

Providers can:

  • Update their basic information and listings
  • Enhance their presence for a small monthly subscription, and: 
    • Respond to patient feedback
    • Add services provided at their locations
    • Promote their business through enhanced offerings

It is estimated that nearly 7 million DOT medical exams are performed annually and it has become a significant component of the average medical providers business revenue.  This is the only site that aggregates all active certified DOT examiners by location and making it possible to geo-locate them.