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St. Luke's is the only Idaho-based, not-for-profit health system

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  • 3090 Gentry Way,, Meridian, ID, 83642

    St Luke's Family Health | Primary Care
    Diane A. Posted on October 06, 2020 | Visited this location October 06, 2020
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    Doctors Wade Bateman and David Hulbert

    St Lukes Family Health doctors will commit malpractice and improperly conduct function diagnostic tests, misdiagnose you just for laughs, talk very badly about their patients behind their backs, and charge you double for diagnostic tests what any other primary care doctor in Boise would charge. When you calmly and professionally bring up the billing issue, rather than admit fault and apologize or fix the issues they will get extremely rude and aggressive and kick you out of the office and in doing so treat you like a criminal for doing nothing wrong. That is the kind of shady and bad people they are. St Lukes Family Health, based on the other reviews such as Sarahs review on Yahoo, seems to have a common pattern of booting paying patients out the door with no warning for absolutely no good reason and this bullying criminal tactic needs to stop and health care workers need to be stripped of their powers. Or take, for instance, Chavas review of them on Facebook which says They terminated my husbands care with no warning. These psycho health care workers are clearly abusing their privileges. Who knows how many lives theyve destroyed by treating innocent people like criminals. That is the kind of shady and bad people they are. The creeps that St Lukes Family Health has working as doctors will also sexually molest your kids, particularly young boys. Go with any other provider other than St Lukes doctors. St Lukes doctors are corrupt, sleazy, weirdos, morally bankrupt, ethically bankrupt, incredibly evil people, and they will stab you in the back. We also paid them 250 dollars in cash for the 45 minute consultation which we were told was the full payment for the consultation and then they also tried billing our insurance for an additional 2,000 dollars. That number is not a typo. They tried to double bill after they've already received full payment in cash and see if they could get away with charging a total of 2,250 for a lousy 45 minute consultation that provided no value. Besides, most professions offer consultations for free what makes doctors think they can get away with charging 2,250 per 45 minutes - not even a full hour - for information that should be free. I'm still contemplating whether to report them to the insurance company for their attempted insurance fraud. I guess we now once again see why doctors live in giant multimillion McMansions, own lots of real estate, own several luxury cars, and drive BMWs or Mercedes to work. Their doctors, especially Wade Bateman and David Hulbert, are criminals and psychopaths. St Lukes Family Health doctors are the worst in Boise and this should serve as a strong warning to new patients to go signup elsewhere.