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    Catherine F. Posted on December 06, 2018 | Visited this location November 29, 2018
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    This is the WORST PLACE to ever have an exam for possible employment. I had been given a sealed package at the last interview to bring for this exam. The package WAS REQUIRED TO BE SEALED when I brought it to this clinic. I protected this package in a special bag at home so nothing would happen to it. And yet when I handed it to the receptionist, it laid on the counter where ANYONE WHO PASSED BY HAD ACCESS TO IT!!!! I was already having doubts about this place right from the beginning. I sat close to the desk so I could watch the package to make sure no one took it or opened it that wasn't authorized to do so. I also had to bring 2 specific forms of identification, of which I had in the bag along with another packet I was required to fill out. NOT ONE PERSON ASKED ME FOR ANY IDENTIFICATION!!! I COULD HAVE BEEN ANYONE!!! The lab person at least asked my name, however did not ask for any identification that I was required to bring. AGAIN, I COULD HAVE BEEN ANYBODY. The person who did the height, weight, eye, and hearing did not have one clue what she was doing. She did not know left from right(literally), I had to show her what left and right were. I fully observed her marking the answers incorrectly, and had to tell her she was doing the answers incorrectly. She later brought white out, made me do the test again, of course I had again to show her what left and right was. She also did not know how to read any eye chart, she wasn't sure what line I had to read at any time, was using a pen horizontally to try and figure out what row she was on. She also did not know that corrective lenses were allowed to be used, and again, MARKED THE EXAM PAPERS INCORRECTLY!!! We were in the hearing test room, and I knew this test was part of the exam. Another person came in and asked if we needed this test. She told the person we did not need it, so we had to leave the room and find another. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF IGNORANCE!!! This musical room experience was awful. This person did NOT know what she was doing, very nervous, and could not give any type of correct instructions on what she wanted done. THIS WAS AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. I have had work exams before and this was unlike any exam I have ever had. NEVER GO TO THIS CLINIC UNLESS YOU WANT TO MISREPRESENT WHO YOU ARE FOR A JOB YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE. JUST AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! The Nurse Practitioner at least was educated and could provide exact instructions. She was the only one who knew what she was doing. However, still, NO ONE ASKED FOR THE REQUIRED IDENTIFICATION I HAD TO BRING!!!!!!!!!